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Life is a journey, not a destination. Sure, we have all heard it before and it has become a cliche in our society. There is truth in that statement though. When one road is closed (and anyone that drives in and around the Toledo area can verify this), there is always another route waiting to lead you to where you need to be. I've learned a lot over the past few years and I plan to document both the good times and the bad. Hopefully, through it all, I can help some other poor, lost, lonely soul that is wandering on the road called life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stick a fork in me

That's how I feel lately...just stick a fork in me. I'm done. I am just so wiped out this semester and it's only half over. I am working way to many hours to be able to keep up with my school work, but until my boss hires someone else, I'm stuck. I can never get caught up, and I am to the point where I am just gonna say screw it and do something for myself today.

It is a gorgeous autumn day, not too cold, sunshine. I left work early. I was going to go and get a flu shot, but they stopped giving them at noon.

So I have decided it is a day of me and my camera. As soon as I finish my blog, I am out the door. I can't wait.

I just wanted to mention my final project for my Sociology class. It was my choice of what I wanted to submit. I didn't really feel like writing a paper. I write plenty of those everyday. I could earn my certificate as a conflict negotiator....ok, sounds interesting, but still more reading AND a test. I decided to do a print on canvas. I am really excited about it so far. I have about 32 hours into it so far and it is only part done.

I began in photoshop and created the collage you see here.....

It is called "War and Peaces". The title was inspired by my very dear friend Hope. She truly is witty and inspirational.

It is still a work in progress as I mentioned before. When I am done with it, it will be a mixed media masterpiece (I hope) I will keep you posted on the progress.

Enjoy the day,
Blessed Be

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  1. I can't wait to see more of this project as it continues to progress!! :o)