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Life is a journey, not a destination. Sure, we have all heard it before and it has become a cliche in our society. There is truth in that statement though. When one road is closed (and anyone that drives in and around the Toledo area can verify this), there is always another route waiting to lead you to where you need to be. I've learned a lot over the past few years and I plan to document both the good times and the bad. Hopefully, through it all, I can help some other poor, lost, lonely soul that is wandering on the road called life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Journal Entries 2 and 3

Well, I haven't been able to get online and blog in a few days and I have had these entries done for a bit, plus some general rantings......

I am happy to report that the Woodville Mall (which had a grand re-opening) is getting a makeover....even if it is a little at a time. I was there yesterday and they have begun ripping out the carpeting. Much of it had been so damaged over the years that it was held in place with duct tape in various places. I can't tell if they're going to fix the roof that leaks or if they will just let it go, but there are some new stores. One in particular is a shop where local artists can display and sell their work. I am excited about this. The next time I stop by, I will have to chat more with the owner to see how it works, if it is done by consignment or whatever. It was nice to see some names that I recognize including Adrianne Stinson. That gal has some talent.

Anyway, I have digressed down memory land and the Woodville Mall long enough.....Journal entry two is all about my favorite animal: The Wolf. I have loved wolves since I was a wee little girl. The wolf and its paw print were drawn on antiqued paper.

For journal entry 3 I decided to also do a bit of drawing. The entry was suppose to be an animated letter. I took two different directions on this. At first I was going to draw a cartoonish letter, but went with a floral-ish  instead. I started thinking about this entry a little more and wondered....what about a written letter to someone that seems animated. Then I remembered an essay I wrote about Pearsoon Metropark. It was perfect. It is animated and hopefully (if you can read it, the font is tiny) can imagine yourself doing some of the activities I tried to capture.

Both entries were then covered in my favorite water based sealant.

The next entry that I do is going to be overlapping shapes. I have some ideas on this one and can't wait...but I also need to find a way to cut circles in thicker paper and need to make some trips to Home Depot. I'll try and remember to update more often. Anyway....enjoy:


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